Buy Cream Chargers

Buying Cream Chargers? They are available online for use with whipped cream dispensers – prices vary greatly depending upon the quality of bit the charger and the service of the retail store. One great thing about them is that they do not carry a “sell by” date and do not expire.


Be sure to get the correct size -they are available in either 8gm or 16gm sizes – (which is a measure of the amount of nitrous oxide gas contained within them) but they only fit into the corresponding size of dispenser. Some retailers may try to sell you an adapter to fit a 16gm charger into an 8gm dispenser – these are dangerous and over-pressurize the vessel and could result in an explosion – or at the very least could damage the gaskets and render the whole set of equipment useless.

There are various brands of the disposable canisters but to our knowledge they are all made in a handful of factories and it is only the box that is different about them.

How to Use Cream Whippers

There is not much to it – you simply have to fill the whipper with cream and ten prime it by screwing in the charger to release the gas and pressurize the system. It is important to give the whole thing a good shake – or you might find that the cream does not come out in an even fashion but with a dimpled edge to it. This can ruin the look if you are using the whipped cream for decorative effect.

The type of cream you use is also important – the obvious thing you need is “whipping cream” but in reality anything with a mid-high fat content will be suitable for whipping. Some people even add a bit of gelatine to thin cream and get a low calorie version but the look might be the same – however the taste would not be and it feels completely in your mouth when you eat it.

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